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Thursday, July 17, 2014

noun: progress

forward or onward movement toward a destination.

Just to clarify I swore up and down we would have our new tiny home on wheels painted by 7/14/14 *cough* which was three days ago! 


We haven't been working only on fixing up our 88' Fleetwood, we have had:
-literally thousands of ants to get rid of
-more work (not complaining) ;)
-a sick kitty
-unexpected repairs such as rotten wood that had to come out (which threw solar panels out of the budget for now)
-and life in general...

Never fear, we are getting there! I have some photos of the progress we have made that I am saving for the final reveal!

The husband has graciously and gracefully re-sealed the roof, torn out a weird cabinet built by the previous owner that made absolutely no sense what-so-ever...

We have gotten rid of a terrible ant infestation (which we didn't notice when we bought it) that took a few days to clear up and...

believe it or not...

we have made time to enjoy each others company, read a few chapters in some books a friend is lending us, and of course to appreciate what we have accomplished so far!

While this post is very random in nature it is right on time! I wanted to say how scared/ excited we are to transition into a tiny home! Better yet, a tiny home on wheels!!

Our projects are taking time, but this time has given us space to get used to the RV and how we will live in it. It has allowed us to re-think several plans we had made and progress in a new direction.

Had the RV been finished last week we may already be on the road, which would have put me without internet access for a few days, which would have meant loosing web design contract opportunities.. synchronicity makes no sense at first but then when you look back at your original plan you realize the direction you are headed now flows better with what your heart wants/ needs in the present moment!


I wish I had more time to write to you all tonight, however I have homework to tend to and a sick kitty who desperately craves to sit on the keyboard as I type begging for my attention..

Life is good!

Until next time, wish us luck & make time to take care of yourself!

Natural Remedy for Poison Sumac

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Poison Sumac is a miserable thing to have to deal with. I guess as a wellness mentor I should have been able to recognize the plant to keep myself from getting the wonderful red rash that comes along with touching it. Until this week I have never had to deal with Poison Sumac before, while it is a miserable experience, I hope that finding this simple solution from my problem will help others.

While the plants on the image to the
right may seem harmless they are
responsible for the itchy, swelling,
sores/ rash that many experience
during the summer.

The first bit of advice I can give you is to familiarize yourself with these images and know how to recognize these plants before it is too late.

The remedy that is super simple and effective is:

1/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tablespoon sea salt
5 drops of each: Lemon, Melaluca (aka:Tea Tree), and Lavender therapuetic Essential oils.

Store in a dark glass jar and shake before you apply with a soft towel or cotton ball.

Use this mixture 3-5x a day as needed until your rash has completely dried up and diminished.

I hope this post was useful to you, and if you know people who spend a lot of time in the woods during the summer save this post by bookmarking it or sharing it on your social media accounts so you can go back and find it! Hover over the images for an easy "Pin it" feature!

Stay safe and have fun this summer!

Enhance your tan safely

Thursday, July 3, 2014

So many people tell you to avoid tanning beds or getting too much sun.. and they are right. However if you enjoy a good tan, but don't want to ruin your skin the best way to go is with exfoliation before sun exposure.

I highly advise the use of an all natural sun screen, and yes you will get a tan through the sunscreen. So be "sun-smart". Exfoliate in the shower,
slather on sunscreen, and limit your time of exposure.

This recipe is the same as my all natural sugar scrub, but this specific recipe is sun safe!

You will want to avoid using any citrus oils during the summer on your skin, specifically if you use the oil in a spot that gets a lot of sun; i.e. face, arms, legs.

The recipe is:
-1 cup of Raw sugar
-1/4 cup of carrier oil*
-5 drops of therapeutic Lavender essential oil.

-Mix together in the container of your choice & use!

I used Lavender in this recipe because Lavender is soothing, healing, and protective.

If you want to avoid the pesky skin fungus so many people get in the summer Lavender will help that too because of it's anti-fungal properties!

*for the carrier oil, naturally I prefer Hemp Oil. You can use sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

"Wait one second.. why should I care about exfoliation?"

Good question!!

Exfoliation helps to break away the old dead skin on your body, exposing healthy skin and helping to maintain the balance of your skin cycle: & yes there is such a thing!!

Exfoliation is great before going into the sun because your skin is able to evenly absorb the sun rays, and does so more quickly.

***Which means you don't have to get a sunburn to prove you enjoyed your Summer!***

Let me know what you think about this recipe in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading, make sure to stay safe in the sun and remember Sharing is Caring! Share this post with those you love!

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