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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Prior to late August of 2018 Apothekayla was my home on the web for everything. Then I got pregnant and everything changed. I want to dive into these changes a little and let you know what I see in Apothekayla's future!

Robert and I were working pretty much around the clock on our side hustles while also holding down full time jobs. This meant seven blog posts a week one being a podcast and another being a new episode of Recipes with Rob. We produced, recorded, edited, and marketed our podcast and cooking series along with five new blog posts each week. I also held a live chat every Wednesday called Wellness Wednesday in my Facebook group and we held weekly essential oil classes at our apartment. Not to mention mentoring our essential oil team and attending classes/coaching for personal development.

The hard work was totally worth it. Our blog readership and essential oil team grew by leaps and bounds... but what I found out shortly after that positive pregnancy test was that it was not sustainable and required too many man hours from the two of us. We had to let it all sit on the back burner as my new pregnancy bed time became 7:00 PM.

I also dealt with an immense amount of depression and anxiety during my pregnancy... I'll write more about that later. I needed this time to reflect on what was really important to me.

So here we are on the postpartum side of childbirth. I'm still healing but I'm starting to have some energy as far as my side hustles are concerned.

Here's what Apothekayla will look like moving forward.

-Personal stories about how natural remedies have improved my life.
-Info about doTERRA promotions and products.
-Tid bits about herbology as I have time to collect resources, research, and write blog posts.

How will I continue to support my essential oil community?

-I will connect my essential oil community with resources already in place, created by my team leaders. There are a few amazing communities on Facebook that I can plug my team into with thousands of participants and dedicated admins.
-I will share top notch resources/products related to essential oils on social media.
-I may pop into the group or live videos on social media from time to time to talk about how my family is using certain oils/products.
-I will always be available by email, text, phone, and in person for my team. Any questions or advice you need as a member of my oil team I can provide answers or link you to someone who knows better than I. I will always make time for you all. I mentored my team behind the scenes during my entire pregnancy. My team is seriously like a second family and I'm so blessed to have each person in my life!

For personal blog posts/updates I have a new website which will always remain linked to Apothekayla as a sister site. The two sites will work together harmoniously to tell my entire story. However, I needed greater separation to control the flow of content. If you have not already been to the new site check it out and know I'm still working on perfecting the two sites.


Make sure to follow me on social media as well on Instagram and Facebook.

Robert and I plan to continue our doterra business but in a simpler more genuine way that fits into our life. We don't have to recreate the wheel and even if we wanted to we really don't have time.

Alot of big life changes are in store for our future so whatever we do it must be sustainable. I don't want anyone to feel like we've dropped off the face of the earth as we did during my pregnancy.

Apothekayla has gone through many changes over the six years we have been around. Apothekayla will continue to evolve as I do. I truly appreciate all of our readers and essential oil team members. I hope my effort to simplify will help someone else see that making space for self care is not selfish, it's necessary to keep the ship afloat.

I can't wait to see what Apothekayla looks like in the next six years! Please let me know what you think in the comments.
Be well! -Kayla


  1. I believe you are on the right track. Change is inevitable in life, the only constant. To be flexible, to accept it, and roll with life's punches just proves you are doing what's right in your life and leading by example for others. I love you both!

    1. Thanks mom, it's hard to let some stuff go. The creative stuff we worked so hard to produce but if it means I get more time with our amazing baby it's worth it! ♡♡


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