Settling in Bullhead City

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello friends and family, we miss you all back home!

Lately we have been terribly busy. I have taken a job as the Reservations Manager at Silver View RV Resort in beautiful Bullhead City. We are in our last class (whoop) of school, and... ... we have been apartment hunting.

So far, since Robert and I met, every time we have made plans new opportunities have come up that have taken us far from the course. Please note that we are extremely happy with our choice to stay in Bullhead City but it is something new for us.

We loved traveling across the country and we plan to explore the West Coast as much as possible. However, for now Robert and I feel it would be best for us to stay settled.

We have always felt that everything happens for a reason and when we do our part the Universe (AKA our intuition) tends to lead us in the right direction.

I will have to say that living in this area of Arizona forces me to face a lot of personal fears. I have been experiencing culture shock and as the temperature continues to climb I feel myself adjusting to this beautiful place.

Bullhead City is in the desert, but it is also in the mountains. Back home in a little corner of North Carolina when I went hiking I always knew that trees would block my fall if I tumbled and the trees felt like a safety net. Out here the trees we have are planted and tended to. The vast majority of natural vegetation includes sage bushes.

Robert exploring, see his lantern?
Robert has found a calling, exploring the desert, and if I am to join him in this I need to get over this
fear of heights/ vertigo so I can explore along side of him.

Again, living in the desert is totally new and quite a wild experience for me. I love it though!

Sometimes I feel like an exposed nerve, taking in all of the new surroundings and culture. When I notice these types of feelings creeping up I use them as steps towards growth.

I love it when people ask me where I'm from, because of my southern draw, because when I say North Carolina I think of all of my friends and family back home.

I wouldn't say I'm homesick, more like familysick... I spent the first twenty five years of my life in NC and while it is a beautiful place its not the scenery I miss.

Sleydo, Robert, Me-Mum, and myself
Having my mom and little brother come to visit was very good for me, for all of us. We had a chance to see Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and explore Bullhead City together. I miss them so much already. We hope to have the little brother for a few weeks in the summer and we would love to have any of the family for a visit.

It is kind of sad to think we will soon be selling The Defiant (our freedom vessel). We are eager to be able to spread out some and I'm sure the cats agree. As it heats up here so does our camper and if we plan to stay in this area for a while we want a place that can handle the heat, the wind, and one that we can invite friends and family to!

We have made some amazing friends here and found neat ways to spend our free time. We still have many stories to share about our exploration, and we plan to continue blogging. Instead of laying out a road map of what this blog will be we plan to use it as a place to write... for fun... about things we love, places we visit, ideas we have, and whatever else strikes our fancy!

Stay tuned!

I love this pic because the river looks pink!

Oatman Arizona: The land of wild donkeys and hogs.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Back in Kansas a friend of ours told us about a town in Arizona named Oatman. She said it was a cute old mining town turned tourist trap. I love a bit of history and a tourist trap so I thought yeah I'll go. Then she tells us that the place is home to a bunch of wild burros. So I thought I definitely have to go.

We got lucky and the RV park we are staying at is not far from this unique little town so we got the chance to go. I have heard the town referred to as a ghost town but I do not think that moniker fits. Sure it is not as lively as it was in its hay-day, when it was a booming mining town, but it still has a bit of life in it.

The town, at least the touristy part, is a single road lined with old buildings full of shops. There is a historic hotel with an interesting restaurant on the ground floor. A mine museum with a short walk cut in to the mountain just big enough to make you feel claustrophobic. Scattered about the shops along the side walks and on the porches are a bunch of cut-outs for photos.

I have heard that they have a shoot out but both times we have been we have missed it. I also hear that they have people who walk around dressed up like wild west shop keeps and cowboys but I have not seen a lot of them. We did meet a town drunk who looked like someone out of the old west and if he was acting he was convincing. We thought for sure he was drunk.

Mostly what we saw there was tourists, bikers, and burros. My favorite part though is all the ass jokes. There are a lot of jokes about losing my ass or finding my ass in Oatman. We just had to go in to the shop called the classy ass. There is an antique shop called the Glory Hole that I also had to go shopping in too. I got a cool book of Roman poems. The shop keeper was really friendly too I wish we had had more time to talk with her. She seemed to know about everything in the town.

We spent our time there walking around inside the shops looking at all the cool stuff for sale. A few of the stores are just imported mass produced junk that you tend to find in touristy places. Some of them though are real treasure troves of antiques. I love to see all the old tools and mining equipment.   

We enjoyed all we ate while we were there despite the mounds of burro poop that lined the road. We even found a candy shop with pomegranate Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. Ice cream seemed to be the treat of the day as almost everyone turned to the cold snack to cool down in the Arizona heat.

If you walk the street and read the signs hung up on almost every wall you will learn a thing or two about the town. There are a lot of Ass jokes but there is also a tale of the horror that lead to the towns name. The story sounds like something out of a block buster movie. I think someone wrote a book about it. Find the story here.

The hotel in the center of town is a popular draw. It has a little museum upstairs that is more like a gift shop and not worth the trek up those crooked steps. It is the oldest adobe two story building left in the county. A famous Hollywood couple honeymooned there in 1938. Clark Gable and Carol Lombard may have been the first of the famous to find more then gold in Oatman but not the last.

Perhaps their most famous guest of the hotel is the late William Ray Flour better known as Oatie the ghost. An old miner who drunk himself to death. No surprising feat in a town with two bars for every shop and 36 million in gold passing through. It must have been quite the town as its gravity sucked in the now famous route 66 that is partly responsible for its recent rejuvenation.

I am glad I am staying close by as I think I would like to go back and spend some time. I think that most people can get their fill in one day but you could make a full day out of it. Just a suggestion though if you've got to go, use the facilities in the hotel not the public restroom at the end of the road. Remember there is more than gold in Oatman.

p.s. We took a ton of photos on our phone and then had to update our phone. Since then we have not been able to access 99% of the photos we have taken since December.

Stuck in Bullhead City

Thursday, January 29, 2015

After we paid the bill at the mechanic I thought that our plans were shot. We had hoped to get a lot of traveling and writing done with that money. I was thinking we would spend some time in Vegas, see SoCal, and tour the Grand Canyon. Now we don't have enough gas to get to any of those places. I have to admit I was kind of depressed. 

When we first got to Bullhead I wanted to sit in the RV and feel sorry for myself. For the first few days I did. Things were not going the way I had planed and I felt like having a pity party. We did not even have the warm weather I was looking forward to.

It snowed on us here. Out of all the locals we talked to none of them remembered it snowing here before. We were snowed on from Kansas to New Mexico and now it seemed we brought the snow to Bullhead city.

The snow did not last for long though and soon after the snow melted so did my doldrums. You do not have to have a bunch of money to have fun here. We are in a beautiful park full of friendly people. We would surely find a way to have fun.

I had really wanted to rent a car so we can see the sights around town. Luckily this place has good bus system. The town is not that big and the bus can get us around to shopping and dinning. We can even make it to the casino across the river if we feel up to a little gambling, via the bus and a quick ferry. If the bus cannot get us there they have a cab company that's not too expensive and with the town being so small we can get most anywhere for about 10 bucks.

Exploring the casinos with an awesome
couple we met at the RV park!
The park we are at has a lot going on too, so we do not have to go out to find fun. The office has a library with books from all genres. The clubhouse has different activities almost every day from arts and crafts to poker night. When it gets too hot outside we can hit the pool. If you just want to relax the hot tub might be more up your ally. If you have a hard time talking with strangers Saturday morning free coffee and donuts is a great way to meet people.

There are a few places I would like to explore and some mountains I would like to hike. I hear tell that there is a place with old Native American petroglyphs.  We are planing a day at the river which we can see from our RV.

I had not planed to stay any one place for an extended period of time but if you had to be somewhere I can think of much worse places then Bullhead City.The weather here is gorgeous, our daily temps hover between 65 and 70 degrees. I would also guess that between the city of Laughlin Nevada and Bullheady City there are thousands of RV'ers here at this time of year. This seems like the place to be
if you are in an RV.

We made it here in one piece and obviously we were meant to spend some time here! We plan to make the best of it!

The art of blending essential oils

Monday, January 19, 2015

I began making this blend over a year ago. Each time I would run out of the perfume I was crafting for myself, I would create a new version with more knowledge about the oils than the previous time. After I changed the main essential oils around and selected the three that I would use, I had to experiment with the amount of each oil; drop by drop.

Part of the reason I took so long to perfect this blend was stubbornness, it was never perfect enough. The other things that factored in were the life events that took place during the last year of my life. It's wild to think about while I'm writing this post, but the photos were taken in our homestead.

When we moved out of our homestead it all happened so quickly that I misplaced my lovely blend. Instead of making a new bottle, I created an alternative version, a mist. I will share both versions with you in this post. The blend and the spray.

The amazing thing is the way I love them both, they are similar but vastly different. A good friend told me once to listen to my body. That I would know when I need something, and usually what it was. I didn't do a lot of research about the effect the oils in this blend have on the mind until after I perfected it.

There have been times when I feel my body craving this blend. I know, it sounds silly but I'm serious. Once I realized the physical, mental, and emotional aspects this blend helped to heal it made perfect sense. So I will share those with you as well.

At one point I thought I would bottle this blend and sell it as ApotheKayla Signature Blend. Instead my friends, I will share the recipe.

Oil Blend
Find a fancy atomizer bottle here.
In a 15 ml bottle fill with carrier oil of choice leaving enough room at the top for the essential oils. I have used both rose-hip oil and fractionated coconut oil.
11 drops of patchouli essential oil
7 drops of wild orange essential oil
4 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

Spray/ Mist
In a 4 oz glass bottle with fine mist atomizer spray attachment fill with witch-hazel.
15 drops of patchouli essential oil
10 drops of wild orange essential oil
6 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
*with the spray version you will need to shake the mixture before you use it each time.

Based on the book Emotions & Essential Oils, which a dear friend sent me, this blend was also developed on a deep level of intuition that I didn't realize I had tapped into. The oils used in this blend are healing for the mind and spirit on an aromatic level. The oils ylang ylang, patchouli, and wild orange all center around self awareness, spiritual healing, and clearing out negative emotions/ energies so you can be the dream version of yourself with new empowering emotions/ energies.

On a physical level the oil is revitalizing for your skin and your energy levels. It is healing for women, with essential oils that heal many known problems that women come across throughout life. It also balances the part of our brains that are known for chemical imbalance, so it is a mood stabilizer.

This blend is very dear to me. Not only do I enjoy the scent all day long, I enjoy the way I feel when I wear it. I love having friends and family say "what are you wearing... that scent is amazing". I also think that some people don't quite understand how excited I get to share a sample with them. I love sharing it with friends so I figured now would be a great time to add it to my blog!

Thanks for reading, don't forget to check out the giveaway I'm hosting at the end of the month!

Until next time, be well!

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