What is Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil

Monday, July 30, 2018

Melaleuca oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree native to Australia. The Melaleuca tree has been used as a medicine by the aborigines for centuries. Now our modern technology allows us to harvest the powerful essence of this plant and bring it into your home.

"Do the right thing..." they said.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

I thought that I was doing the right thing when I dropped out of school. I had to get a job to raise my son. I did not think that I would be able to take care of a kid, finish high school, and work a full-time job.  I know that a lot of 15-year-olds would not have done what I did, but everyone said it was the right thing to do. So I did it. I received my GED and went to work full time to support my son.

It took a long time to realize that it was not the right thing. I should have finished school then. It would have been easier when I was younger and full of energy than when I was older and not as energetic. Plus I might have saved myself years of dead-end work and low paying jobs. Not to mention all the things I learned in college that I wish I did not wait so long to learn.

It took me until 2010 to finally listen to everyone who had been telling me to go back to school. "It is the right thing to do" the world would tell me. It seemed true. Every crap job I ever had was made worse by a pinhead boss who makes three times I do just because they went to school.

So it was the right thing to do, and I did it. I spent four years earning my Bachelors degree. Most of that time I worked full time. It was not easy, but life had not been easy so far. I knew I was doing the right thing and it would pay off in the end.

Working on my Bachelor's degree while we lived in our motor-home.
When I graduated, I expected to be inundated with job offers. I was wrong. I could find nothing in my field. I could not even find anything much better than the jobs I had without a degree.

I was told the right thing to do is to go back to school and get an even higher education. So I did. It was the right thing to do. It made sense. My school adviser advised it. Most people I talked to agreed that it was the right thing to do. It made sense.

Most of the stuffed shirts I was interviewed by had one of those Masters degrees hanging on their walls. More education equals a better job and better pay. It was the right thing to do. So I did it.

The Masters did not take as long as the Bachelors but it was a lot harder and cost a whole lot more. I was glad to be done with it with it when graduation day finally came. I was even excited to return to the workforce.

The moment we knew San Diego was the right city for us.
We moved to a new city excited to start our new lives in our new careers. I did find work right away, but nothing like I had expected to find after all the hard work I put into earning my degree. It took a while before I found the kind of job I thought I was working for.

It was the kind of job I was looking for. It had benefits, Vacation days, regular potlucks, all the things that make office life attractive. I was happy, and glad I did the right thing, at first.

The job I landed paid more than any job I had in the past but less then I had hoped to make. Not enough to live the kind of life I wanted to live and pay for the education that got me here. There are two of us working mind you, and my son is all grown up, so we are as good as DINKS (double income, no kids). I expected better, after all I did all the right things.

It does not take long before one becomes disenchanted with an office job. Some of my coworkers thought it was the kind of place they could grow in and it looked like you could. A few of my supervisors worked their way up the corporate ladder from the same spot I was starting in.  That would take years though. Years my young fresh out of college coworkers had, but I do not.

I did the right things, worked hard and now all I had to look forward to is a few years of waking up to an alarm clock to fight traffic on my way to a job that I really did not like. I would listen to my coworkers talk about their second jobs and how they hated Monday and lived for Friday, and I would think... is this it?

I did the all right things but did they take me to the right place? It looks like I got to where I was heading but it was not the right place for me. Sure I had a better job, but it was still the same thing. Still 9 to 5 being told what to do and how to do it. Still living for the weekend, paycheck to paycheck, waiting for a better day.

We looked, my wife and I, for the next right thing to do. For the right way out of this gilded cage we made for ourselves. We decided on another way, one that others had described as the wrong way.

You see we decided to devote all my time to our doTERRA business. We have had our doTERRA account for a few years and had gained a few customers but we never thought of it as a true business.

We were busy with school, work, travel and all the other distractions. I was too busy doing all the right things to focus on a business that was my wife's hobby.

I would like to say it was easy to make this decision and everything went according to plan, but that is not the case. It has been scary to step away from what others have told me I should do, the right things. But we are doing it.

Recording an episode of Recipes with Rob to educate others on cooking with essential oils.
Today I do not work a 9 to 5, and when someone asks me what I do, I tell them I am a doTERRA representative. We are not making as much as we would like but more then I was before. And now when I look to the future I do not see years of thankless labor with a meager retirement to look forward to, instead I see limitless growth from rewarding work.

I did what others said was the right thing and worked for what I was told I should want. Those same people told me I was mad for thinking I could make it big with network marketing. Even when I have seen others make it in the business, I still did not see it as the right thing to do.

It took way too long for me to realize that the right thing to do was right under my nose the whole time. I thought if it were easy everyone would do it. I thought if it worked then everyone would be rich.  Then I thought what do I have to lose. Now I think I should have started sooner.

What's right for everyone else may be wrong for you, and that's okay. Be bold enough to choose your own future, find friends who are doing the same, and create the life that's right for you.

Growing our own doTERRA essential oil network marketing business and being our own boss is the right path for us. We now enjoy the ability to teach others about what we have done.

Are you an essential oil network marketing professional? Does social media seem like an overwhelming mystery to you? Grab your copy of our free social media guide and transform your social media presence from a time vacuum to a business tool.

Episode 006: Halley Murrow's Myrtle Beach

Saturday, July 28, 2018

My sweet cousin Halley gives us all the behind the scenes info on how to visit Myrtle Beach and make the best of your vacation. As the creative host of SC Weekend, a news segment featuring local attractions, Halley has had the opportunity to really explore and get to know the amazing town she now calls home. 

Recipes with Rob: Ginger chicken salad with your choice of dressing

Friday, July 27, 2018

On this episode of Recipes with Rob we serve up a ginger chicken salad with a homemade ranch and a vinaigrette dressing. The chicken and the two dressings are flavored with essential oils! Everyone loved it and it made for an amazing healthy dinner.

Ask ApotheKayla: Lavender for babies.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I get questions about essential oils and usage guidelines all the time. I felt like it would be awesome to share some of those with you and answer any questions you may have.

Ashleigh asks:

I love using doTERRA essential oils and recently had a baby. He seems to be an anxious baby and has a hard time falling asleep if I am not holding him. I have lavender oil and wondered if it would be safe to use on him. If so how much and how often.


Kayla answers:
Hey Ashleigh!

My first thought was as long as you are using doTERRA, which I know is a safe brand of essential oils. I wanted to offer a few tips on how to move forward with using essential oils for babies.

If you are going to apply them to the bottom of his feet, for example, I would follow the doTERRA dilution guidelines if you do not already have the doTERRA Touch Lavender roll on. Fill a 10 ml roller jar to the bend of the neck with fractionated coconut oil. Add 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake and roll on the bottom of his feet.

I would use the touch blends:
doTERRA Touch®These products are awesome because they come pre-diluted. Young skin is different from adult skin—it’s thinner, more delicate, and generally more sensitive. It’s a great idea to dilute any essential oils before applying them to children, and this kit takes the mess out of dilution. 
My other recommendation would be to diffuse lavender in his room or in the room he sleeps in. Diffuse 2-3 drops of lavender per 1/2 cup of water.

Also, use some of that lavender on yourself my friend! Babies pick up on the emotions of those around them and if you are more calm he will be more calm.

Let me know how it works for you! Here's to sweet dreams.


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Essential oil spotlight:

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is often considered a must-have oil to keep on hand at all times due to its versatile uses, including calming and relaxing properties that promote peaceful sleep and ease feelings of tension. Learn more...

How to set up a blog on Blogger in 4 easy steps

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hello #BlogLife101 friends!! Are you ready to start your first blog?If you are new to the series you may want to look back through the previous posts before you begin! Other than that if you are ready, let go!!

1.To start you need to visit:
If you already have a g-mail account then you are ahead of the game. If not please register for a gmail account. You will have to decide for yourself if you want your business e-mail to have your personal information or business only information. We chose a generic e-mail name so that we could create multiple blogs. We are "The Winters".

Once you have a gmail account use your username and password to log in.

2.Once you log into your blogger dashboard this is what you will see. I have several blogs, and the gray areas are private information. Click "New Blog" to proceed.

 3. Enter the name of your blog, then enter the URL you want to direct people to for your blog. Read my post about how to name your blog. 
 -Once you have named your blog you can choose a template (I will go over templates in the next post of the series). I choose the Simple template. It is easy to use, customize, and converts well to the mobile site.
-Click "create blog"

4. Yeah! Way to go! If you want more than one blog in the future, you can simply repeat this process!
 What now?

You shouldn't share your blog publicly with your friends and family until you have at least 3-5 posts. A blank blog looks silly, a blog with at least some posts may entice your friends and family to keep coming back! (Learned from experience).

You can write out a few posts by clicking the orange button with the pencil on it, or just have a gander to familiarize yourself with the Blogger platform!

Did I miss anything or is it really this simple to get started? :)

On the next installment of the #BlogLife101 series I will be going over an effective blog layout!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

p.s.If this information has been helpful to you please share with those you care about! <3

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Share to Win

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

That's right, ApotheKayla is hosting a sweepstakes! Learn how to enter the sweepstakes below and share with your friends who may also want to win!

Top 3 Uses Of Melaleuca

Monday, July 23, 2018

Melaleuca (tea tree) is a great oil to help with keeping your scalp and skin oils at a normal level. We love having this oil in our home. It is one of the essential oils we use in our healing salve recipe. Here we have compiled the top three most popular uses of this essential oil.

Episode 005: Getting to know us

Saturday, July 21, 2018

On this episode of Life on Purpose: A podcast by ApotheKayla my amazing husband Robert joins me to talk a little bit about us. He is right when he says it would take at least an eleven hour episode to tell you all about our relationship, and an even longer episode to tell you all about our passions. But in this episode we sum all of that up in about forty minutes. Let us know what you think!

Recipes with Rob: DIY Diffuser Charms

Friday, July 20, 2018

Thank you for joining us on Recipes with Rob. On this episode our little brother joins us again to make a fun craft. There are many ways to enjoy the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Today we are sharing a quick, cheap, and easy DIY craft using Sculpey Clay. Check out the video for the instructions!

Safe Skincare with Beauty Counter

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Recently Melissa from Real Nutritious Living reached out to me to offer a product she was sure I would love. She was right. I am very passionate about making sure the products I put on my skin are as pure as possible. Melissa is a representative of Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter is a brand of makeup and skincare that not only produces safe products but advocates for safe products. 

Why I choose the Blogger blog platform

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This post highlights my opinion on the blogger vs. wordpress debate.

I have been a WordPress blogger, at one point Apothekayla was on WordPress. I felt constricted, as if I couldn't change anything for fear of messing up my entire blog.

What is Frankincense

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Frankincense is an oil that should need no introduction. Even if one is not familiar with all of the medical benefits the oil has to offer we can all think of a use for Frankincense. This precious sap is harvested from the hardy but endangered Boswellia tree.  We slash the tree to allow the resin to bleed out and harden creating tears. The oil is steam distilled from those tears.

Change doesn't have to be scary

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Change is such a big little word. Change seems to be the only true constant in this world. Yet we all seem to fear it and fight it tooth and nail. Though this makes no sense I can kind of see why we feel this way.

Episode 004: Beauty and Business

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thank you all so much for joining me on another episode of Life on Purpose. A podcast by: ApotheKayla. Today I am very excited to talk non-toxic skin care and get a behind the scenes look into the life of a full time entrepreneur.

Recipes with Rob: Shepherd's Pie

Friday, July 13, 2018

Over the last ten years we have prepared Shepherd's pie many times. This, however, was the first time we made it using essential oils. Our friend Amy joins us to try it I (Kayla) also appear on Recipes with Rob for the first time. :)

The recipe:
-2 pounds of ground beef
-1 large minced onion
-2 tablespoons, give or take, fractionated coconut oil
-2 drops of thyme essential oil
-1 drop of rosemary essential oil
-1 drop of coriander essential oil
-2 cups of frozen organic corn
-2 large potatoes
-1 cup of milk
-2-4 oz of butter
-3 drops of black pepper essential oil
-2 cups of shredded cheese

Once you have browned the meat with the onion, fractionated coconut oil, thyme, rosemary, and coriander drain the meat. Then spread into the bottom of a large glass pan. Pour the corn over the meat and spread it out. Mash the potatoes using the milk, butter, and black pepper oil. Evenly sprinkle shredded cheese over the top. Bake until cheese is crisp (between 20 and 40 mins).

We hope you love this recipe as much as we do. If so please share on your social media pages.

Essential Oil Spotlight
While it is frequently used for cooking, Rosemary has long been revered by many cultures for its internal benefits and energizing scent. Learn more...

While Coriander has long been used to promote healthy digestion, it is also known to aid in maintaining a clear complexion and promoting feelings of relaxation. Learn more...

With a specific chemistry that supports a healthy immune system, Thyme is a potent, warm essential oil that holds powerful cleansing and purifying properties.* Learn more...

With noteworthy topical and internal benefits, Black Pepper essential oil can be used to add spice and sharpness when cooking, or to ward off seasonal and environmental threats. Learn more... 

How to name your blog, and why it matters!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Yes, your blog name could be asdf.blogspot.com or www.sparkle1332.com but will that blog name help or hurt your reach?

Kicking ass with Keto

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guys!! I did it, another milestone in my weight loss journey is... well, under my belt.

Top 3 Uses of Rosemary

Rosemary is my most used essential oil. It has such a vibrant savory smell and has so many benefits. Read on to learn about our top 3 favorite uses.

Use number one: Flavoring. I keep finding more and more dishes that call for Rosemary. This popular spice adds a savory flavor to your favorite dishes. Take your favorite recipe to the next level by substituting dried herbs with a drop of essential oils.

Use number two: Repel insects. It is a good thing that we humans love the scent of Rosemary as with all its many uses it also just smells nice to have it around. It is also good that bugs hate it. Diffuse it in your diffuser or add it to your perfumes and lotions to keep the little blighters at bay.

Use number three: Support healthy digestion. Rosemary is the first oil I used, and I first used it for this reason. Now I carry it with me always. I put it on before a meal I know might bring on indigestion or might make me gassy. Definitely a must before any trip to the fair.   

Please let me know what you think in the comments.
Be well! -Kayla

Oil spotlight:
Rosemary is an aromatic, evergreen shrub whose leaves are frequently used to flavor foods such as stuffings, pork, roast lamb, chicken, and turkey. Along with its culinary applications, Rosemary has many benefits. Read more...

Today I have an icky tummy.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

This is a sentence I use way to often. I have always had a troubled stomach. When I was a kid they said I had ulcers and I started drinking Maalox by the gallon for years. As I got older I tried all sorts of other medications and found them to be unpleasant and unhelpful.

Episode 003-You're only one oil away from a better life.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Fernando and Robert met at work almost a year ago. Fernando and his fiance quickly became some of our best friends. We were ecstatic when they decided to join our doTERRA tribe as business partners.

Recipes with Rob: Breakfast with Sandra

Friday, July 6, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to recipes with Rob! This week Robert made breakfast for dinner using essential oils to flavor the eggs and to make a delicious (Sandra confirmed it was delicious) citrus cream cheese spread.

What is eucalyptus

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ah... Eucalyptus. This is an essential oil I carry in my purse daily. 

Eucalyptus oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus radiata. These tall tree "Gum trees" are native to Australia. The plant might be better known as the favored food of the Koala Bear but for us it is a source of a versatile and valuable oil.

Our trip to the fair

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Last Saturday we were celebrating and decided to visit the San Diego County fair in Del Mar. Our doTERRA business has grown to a point that Robert will no longer have to work a regular 9-5 job. He will drive Uber 8-12 hours a week, during the morning while I am at work, and will tend to our growing doTERRA tribe in the afternoons. As our doTERRA business grows he will drive less Uber. The goal is to cut out the Uber altogether. However this new schedule is such a relief as we were having difficulties squeezing everything into our life. Now Robert will be able to focus more on our team and our family with this new found freedom.

What is a Niche? And How to find yours!

Hello #BlogLife101 friends! I'm looking forward to this short but sweet post which just so happens to line up with the #BlogLife101 challenge question for the day "What is your Niche?"
So what is a niche?

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