Kicking ass with Keto

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guys!! I did it, another milestone in my weight loss journey is... well, under my belt.

I stepped on my scale this morning, and then weighed myself again to make sure... I have reached 120 pounds lost.

I still have 80 pounds to go but feel really confident that I'll get there soon. At this rate, of being dedicated to keto for 1.2 years, I have averaged 8.6 pounds lost each month.

This is a little slower than the normal keto weight loss ratio. I have PCOS which makes it really hard to lose weight at all.

I'm going to bump up my efforts and try to make my monthly average for the remainder of my 200 pound goal 10 pounds per month.

That will mean:

  • more water
  • more fats 
  • less than 20 carbs per day
I know I can do it and truly appreciate your continued support!

Here's to setting goals and working your ass off, literally, to achieve them!

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