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Hi, I'm Kayla! A small town girl living in the big-sunny-city of San Diego California with my amazing husband and our two cats. 

I am a non-profit professional during the day and a creative mastermind by night. I lead an amazing tribe of essential oil enthusiasts and inspire hundreds of people to live their best life. 

At the age of 19, when I met my husband, I could barely afford a cup of coffee. In fact we shared a cup of coffee on our first date. Today, I am living my dream life, in an amazing city, and I aspire to help others elevate their own life no matter their current circumstance.

This man is my sunshine. He is an amazing soul that I'm fortunate to live and grow with every. single. day. He is my best friend. When I start a conversation with him saying: brace yourself, he knows I have a creative vision of how to serve others-and is there to support me. You will see him on the blog, he is an amazing writer who I enjoy sharing my physical and virtual space with. Learn more about Robert.

The year I turned 25 we left North Carolina and started our essential oil business. In our 1988 motor home we traveled the country, shared natural solutions with new friends, and finished our graduate degrees. In 2016 we decided to take yet another leap of faith and move to San Diego. We absolutely love it here.

More about Kayla:

  • I love the smell of rain and used books. I dislike wet books. :)
  • I am a holistic health nerd. I love learning as much about essential oils/natural remedies as possible and empowering others with solutions.
  • I have PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. I manage symptoms with diet and holistic remedies.
  • I am on the Ketogenic Diet and as of today I have lost 116 lbs.
  • We plan to own homes in San Diego, Uruguay and the United Kingdom.
  • I took more anthropology courses during my Bachelor's program than journalism courses. I am passionate about the human condition. I feel that understanding others helps me to connect more deeply.
  • I have always been attracted to crystals/gemstones. As a child I would collect them from the creek in the woods.
  • I love to sing, but can only sing in front of hundreds/thousands of people. An audience of 50 or less is too small, I choke up.
  • I enjoy learning about my strengths and helping others find theirs. When we focus on our strengths and building on them, instead of focusing our weaknesses, we can achieve so much... together.

I want to know more about you!

Connect with me on social media, reach out through our contact page, or comment on our posts. If we share one or two passions I would love to know. Some of my best friends are virtual. Shall we become besties?

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