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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is another amazingly simple recipe, using only three ingredients. If you are wondering why I am worried about making a body powder that doesn't contain cornstarch let me explain. When I was researching recipes for a friend who uses deodorizing body powder on a daily basis I found out that cornstarch promotes the growth of yeast. Every single baby powder or body powder on the market contains cornstarch. I asked the friend if she had ever noticed any problems with this (the yeast) and surprisingly enough she had regular occurrences of a yeast imbalance.  I'm pleased to say she has been using this body powder recipe for several months and has not had any further problems.

You can use this powder as deodorant, feminine powder, baby powder, feet powder, or pretty much anyway you would use a regular body powder. Feel free to use any essential oil you wish to achieve the smell you like the best. Lavender has many healing properties so I used it in this specific recipe but you could also go without essential oils at all and just mix the powdered ingredients. I have really enjoyed studying the book Modern Essentials and learning about the proper way to mix essential oils. 

Final Notes
-I used an old spice container that I found at a thrift store.

-Where do you find these ingredients? Email me for details

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