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Monday, September 23, 2013

If your home has a room (or rooms) that have a problem with odors; whether it be the bathroom, the kitchen, or the room with the litter box in it this two ingredient room deodorizer should help!

This recipe is so easy I will not have to make a recipe card for it.

What: baking soda and essential oils of choice
How: put the amount of baking soda you wish into the container of your choice and drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils or essential oil mixture.

When you notice the odors coming back simply shake the mixture, you can shake the mixture for at-least three months before you will need to replace it.

You can find a glass jar with a slotted lid at any thrift store, or you can make your own using cheesecloth and a bit of twine. For that you will need a glass jar with a lip (a mason jar will work), cut a piece of cheese cloth to fit over the top and tie it on around the mouth of the jar. If you have a mason jar with the original lid you can simply cover with the cheesecloth and screw on lid without the inner plate.

Baking soda naturally wicks away odors, by adding your favorite essential oils you then replace the odor that the baking soda took away with your favorite scent. 

The first time I made this air freshener I used only peppermint oil. It was nice but something I got tired of after a few days. The second time I used a mixture of lemon, wild orange, and lime. This mixture smelled like a bag of skittles and was delightful. 

Many people use this recipe, from the farmers wife to the store owner it has been around and loved for many years. The first time I used the recipe was when my chicks were living in their brooder box in the basement; it definitely came in handy! 

My favorite thing about this mixture is how simple it is and how simple it smells. I'm not sure if you have ever noticed the burning sensation in your nose that some candles, sprays, or fresheners give off, but you don't have to worry about that with this recipe.

Let me know in the comments section which mixture of oils you used. Remember that shaking the mixture will release more scent into the air but with all air fresheners if you live with them and smell them daily they wont smell as fragrant to you as they would to a visitor to your home.

                                   Thanks for reading!

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