Uplifting Fragrance Oil

Sunday, February 9, 2014

In the coming months I will be concocting several different types of perfumes, fragrance oils, and body sprays.

I used to be that girl who had to have the latest and greatest perfumes. I had so many scents I could choose a different one for each day if I wanted to. I had my favorites so I'm working to replicate those scents and create new scents that match my current style.

Do you remember the "Pamper Yourself Giveaway?"

One of the prizes was a full sized bottle of a fragrance oil that I have named 'Uplifting'.

The absolute best perk of using essential oils in your perfumes/ fragrances has to be the aromatherapy factor!

Uplifting Fragrance Oil is a simple blend of 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 15 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 10 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

To make you simply fill the container of your choice with the Olive Oil (or carrier oil of your choice), drop in the essential oils, replace the cap & shake!

To use place a few drops of this fragrance oil on your wrists or the side of your neck.

The aromatherapy of this oil is.. well.. Uplifting!

I'm looking forward to sharing more recipes of the different perfumes, fragrance oils, and body spray blends that I have made with you!

Let me know which types of fragrances you like the best in the comments section below!


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