D.I.Y. Hairspray

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A super simple recipe that works without making your hair feel crunchy..

Well.. as it turns out Raw Sugar, water, and grapefruit essential oil are the ingredients for an awesome all natural hairspray recipe!!

The trick is in how you mix these ingredients!

To start out you will take a small sauce pan and boil 2 parts water with 1 part raw sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved you will remove the mixture from the heat and add in your favorite essential oil. Add to the container of your choice, I use the small brown one pictured in the photo above because it has a fine mist atomizer, which ensures even coverage.

This hairspray is the perfect blend, I am amazed at how well it works! It does not leave your hair feeling sticky or crunchy, it simply holds.

I hope to investigate the world of all natural hair dye at some point. I am proud to say that after 14 years of continual abuse to my scalp I quit coloring my hair cold turkey over a year ago. =)

As far as the essential oil goes I use grapefruit essential oil because the scent reminds me of summer! Usually I choose an essential oil such as rosemary or peppermint when it comes to my all natural hair care routine, however since I bought this grapefruit essential oil from Eden's garden I can't get enough of how awesome it smells!

If you are interested in my complete haircare routine you can read more about that in my brand new book! Apothekayla Year One =)

Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think about this recipe in the comments section below!

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