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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I get no affiliate compensation what-so-ever for sharing this book review with you. I simply enjoy sharing things that have helped me to make it easier for you!

Modern Essentials: 4rth Edition

Overall Rating: ✩✩✩✩✩

Pros:This book is amazing, it is so in-depth and easy to use. When someone tells me a problem they are facing I go straight to the A-Z reference section that includes every type of ailment or oil you can think of from acne to ylang-ylang. Besides the awesome reference section this book has chapters that cover the history of essential oil usage, the chemical compounds of each oil, and detailed charts explaining where on the body and how to apply or massage the essential oils based on what type of problem you are facing. This is my go to book for essential oil use. I highly recommend it.

Cons: The only con I can find is that I do not posses the newest version. Right after I bought my copy a new version came out. 5th edition... go figure!!

Final Note: I do not personally own the pocket sized version of this book but I have heard that it is equally as useful. This is only a reference book and is not quite as vast as the hardbound version. The hardbound copy is text book size where the pocket sized book is approximately 4 inches tall and easy to carry with you.

So, let me know what you think about the book in the comments section below.. and I hope you have an awesome weekend! -Kayla

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