DYHChallenge| Week 3

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 3|Recipes with essential oils and soap!

This week in the challenge I want to share a few simple recipes that I use around my home in the place of the products I used to purchase that filled our home with toxin's.

I breath easier (literally) and have felt better since using these recipes to replace my once loved name brand products.

I've already shared my super simple 2 ingredient air freshener recipe, but this recipe is about refreshing your linens; i.e. curtains, pillows, cushions.
 In a spray bottle with a fine mist atomizer mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil, and water. Shake the mixture and spray linens lightly. Make sure to shake the bottle before you use it each time. Feel free
to print the label to use at your home
  • This recipe is not only great for refreshing linens but it acts as a relaxing aromatherapy! Also fly's hate the smell of peppermint. We use it on the curtains in our kitchen during the summer to keep fly's out.

This next recipe is a definite staple around our home!

Foaming Hand Soap

Since I made this soap recipe I have had to refill our container several times, and honestly it’s nice to know people are using it.

For the remainder of this post I want to share recipes from sites that I have personally used. These are recipes that work amazingly well and are really simple, check them out!

Dusting Spray via Scratch Mommy
This non-toxic dusting spray is so easy and effective (and smells so yummy!), you have just got to make some.

Dish-washing Liquid via The Prairie Homestead

 I loved the consistency of this dish soap–it’s thick enough to stick to the dishes, but not chunky.

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy the awesome recipes I have shared here with you. If you loved the recipes I shared from Scratch Mommy and The Prairie Homestead let them know by leaving comments on their blog, and following their social networking sites!

I wanted to end this post a little differently.. tell me in the comments how this challenge is going for you at your home, and if there are any recipes you would like for me to cover in week 4. See ya then! =]

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