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Friday, March 29, 2013

Look no farther than this awesome recipe!

Review & Final Notes:
I chose to make this toothpaste for a few reasons. In my opinion Dental Hygiene is its own reward, and being in control of your own dental hygiene is very fulfilling (the cleaning part of it and knowing what is in your products, otherwise I suggest contacting a professional you trust). When I discovered the harmful side effects of fluoride I choose to buy fluoride free toothpastes, to my dismay they were three to four dollars more than regular toothpaste so I found myself using it sparingly. The main reason I chose this recipe: I found through research that contrary to popular belief you can re-mineralize your teeth and strengthen them naturally.

As far as a review goes... I love it! I wake up looking forward to brushing my teeth and feel the effects all day. My teeth feel clean and strong, as if I just left the dental office, hours after I brush. My mother was skeptical about trying it but has since thrown out her usual toothpaste and my husband tells all of his friends about it. It really is worth your time to try this recipe for yourself.

It really helps to have a container with a small spoon to dip out the toothpaste,
look for sugar bowls in your local thrift stores.

-Calcium Magnesium Powder: "Calcium protects your teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy all through your life, which in turn ensures tight fitting teeth where bacteria cannot thrive"(1). Expert Advice.. When buying your calcium if it is in the citrate family expect your toothpaste to have a fizzy sensation for a few weeks after you make it. I have grown to like the fizzing sensation however you may not. The longer the toothpaste sits the more the "fiz" will dissipate (each day it will weaken). To avoid this, when purchasing your calcium or calcium magnesium powder make sure it is not of the Citrate Variety.

-100% Therapeutic grade essential oils: I chose Peppermint for the taste and because "Peppermint is one of the most important ingredients in toothpaste, as it is effective in dental care. This is because, the purifying  properties of peppermint oil, fight bad breath and germs in the teeth and gums. Peppermint oil is also widely used to alleviate tooth discomfort"(2). If you do not like peppermint you can use any 100% therapeutic grade essential oil or a combination of them if you choose, for example: Cinnamon, Orange, Orange & Vanilla. The options are endless but I would make sure through research that the oils you choose are safe to take by mouth. Also, make sure you are not buying aromatic essential oils, these are not meant to come in contact with any part of your body. To make sure the oils you purchase are safe make sure they are 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. There are many safe name brands you can choose from.

-Where do you find these ingredients? Email me for the details! Kayla@healing-salve.com

I hope you enjoyed this article! Remember to ask questions, leave comments, and or share with those you love! Namaste- Kayla


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  2. Do you know how long this will keep, covered and unused? Thanks, Adrian

  3. Hi, Normally we use ours before it has time to spoil. I make a new batch (when we run out) every 3 months or so. I hope that helps!


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