Dandelions, to kill or not to kill?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dandelions are a great medicinal herb, and the entire plant can be eaten. For centuries (depictions have shown up throughout Ancient Egypt and Rome) the dandelion's many uses have been well known. "The Magical Plant" some call it, has roots that are known to kill cancer.

Why are so many people against this precious plant you ask? These people are on the hunt for a perfectly manicured lawn. With Dandelion's though you can have your cake and eat it too. I usually collect the dandelion heads before I mow the lawn, and because the dandelion will not die unless you remove the root from the ground, by the next time I am ready to mow I have many new dandelion heads to use.

If you use chemicals to kill dandelions, stop now! You will not want to use any dandelions that have been chemically treated or that are from a lawn that has been chemically treated. Don't worry though, dandelions know how useful they are to us and will keep coming back whether or not you want them to.

A simple way to reap the benefits from Dandelion's is to make Dandelion Infused Oil. Dandelion infused oil is GREAT as a muscle rub. The heads of the dandelions relieve tension held in the muscles and is an amazing pain reliever. I use this any time I have a muscle ache or pain.
Final Note: Make sure the oil totally covers the dandelion heads while they are soaking, check on it after the first day to ensure the dandelion heads have not absorbed some oil. If the oil is not covering the top of the dandelion heads you may end up with mold in your jar.

Also, pick the dandelion heads on a very sunny day, the dandelion heads will close if you do not.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do, and that you begin to love the sight of dandelions! Until next time, Namaste. Kayla

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