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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

         If you are looking for a healthy alternative to some of the well known lip balms or sticks that does not leave your lips feeling worse than before the treatment, check out my recipe below. Most lip treatments include unnecessary  parabens, petroleums, and different types of wax that actually dry your lips out worse than they were before. You may get instant gratification but you will need to reapply the lip balm/ stick over and over. Have you ever known a friend or family member that has a "chap-stick" addiction? These carcinogenic ingredients in the store bought lip treatments are known to be addictive. I searched online and did major amounts of research until I found the best solution. 
          This lip balm is so nourishing and the only reason I want to use it on a regular basis is because I love it so much. If I am going to be spending the day in the sun I make sure to apply it, it is not only healing it is protective. Another cool thing about this recipe is that you can change it up to suit your needs.
          For example, if you like coconut lime scent instead of the essential oils I use add a few drops of Lime essential oil. There is already coconut oil in the recipe so wah-la you now how coconut lime. 
          Another option is to tint the mixture. Add a few drops of juice from an actual cranberry (not cranberry juice from concentrate), or if you like a brown lip tint add a small amount of cocoa powder. My general rule of thumb for cranberry juice is this: 5-10 drops of juice for barely visible light pink, 10-20 drops for medium pink, 20-40 (depending on the shade you like) drops for red. I would start small and if you desire a darker shade just melt the mixture down (if your lip balm is in a glass container like mine it is easy to sit the mixture in the oven on a cookie sheet and melt down). If you decide to go for the brown tint, I would personally add in an a tiny pinch until the shade you want is achieved while the mixture is still on the stove top.

Final Notes: 
-Try to use local beeswax if possible. 
-Please always make sure your essential oils are not aromatherapy oil, they need to be safe for your body as well. These are the only oils that I consider safe for my body. 
-Vitamin E Oil is so beneficial to your lips for healing, but is totally optional. This will also increase the shelf life of your lip balm in case you do not plan to use it often.
-Tee Trea (Melaluca) Essential oil: Tea Tree is Melaluca, this can be confusing. Some companies label it as one or the other but it is the same thing. Tea Tree is soothing, repairs skin, it destroys germs and fights against unwanted bacteria and pathogens. The scent is super fresh.
-Lavender Essential oil: this may cause irritation for some people. I like it. It smells good, has relaxing properties, healing properties, and purifying properties. 
-As noted earlier feel free to play around with this recipe, put in a small glass container or a chap-stick like tube. If you are looking for a glossier version add another tablespoon of coconut oil.
-Where do you find these ingredients? Email me for the details kayla@apothekaylaco

As always I hope you enjoy this recipe! Feel free to e-mail me and leave comments about your experience with this recipe or switching from contemporary products to all natural versions.


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