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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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If the image above concerns you, it's okay. Actually it's quite normal to be concerned when you realize an everyday product that you shouldn't have to think twice about is laced with carcinogenics and heavy metals. When I started making my own health and beauty products deodorant was actually the very first product I made, simply because it was so simple and my recipe slowly progressed to the recipe below.

So.. for those of you who think you cannot live a day with out your name brand deodorant because you don't trust the power of natural ingredients, I felt the same way. However when I realized that for women particularly  breast cancer and Alzheimer disease had a connection to our deodorant I had to quit using it. First I used baking soda on it's own. That actually worked, but was rather messy. Then I added coconut oil and cornstarch, because that was what I had on hand, and it worked also but didn't spread as well. Then I got my hands on some arrow root powder and played around with amounts and scents until I found the perfect blend. My personal experience with the deodorant is great, this may be  too much information but, when I did notice a body odor it was NOTHING like the body odor I had with the store bought deodorant, in fact I didn't feel self conscious about it at all! It spreads on very smooth and melts as you put it on to absorb into your skin.

Final Notes:
You may want a small spoon to scoop the mixture out of the container with.

You can also keep the mixture in a regular deodorant tube, but if it gets too hot the coconut oil will melt.

Interestingly enough on a beach trip I found out that this mixture also works great on cracked heels!

-Where do you find these ingredients? Email me for the details

I hope you enjoy, please share if you do. Leave comments, questions, reviews, and let me know which essential oils you used for fragrance in the comments section below! Thanks -Kayla


  1. Do you know how long this will keep? Thank you, Adrian

    1. As with the toothpaste we have never had it spoil on us, we make new batches when we run out which is between 2-4 months! Thanks! -Kayla


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