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Friday, March 21, 2014

Clean it up; with simple ingredients found here: 

At the beginning of this year (2014) I ran a small challenge to help motivate you.. *cough* me.. to get rid of toxic products and find alternative recipes.

These recipes are SUPER simple, most only include a few ingredients.I am a beginner at all of this; and with a little help from a few of my blogger friends and a few age old recipes I have successfully been able to transform this area of my life. ... Let me tell you, this was an area I had been avoiding. But why?!? There are so many positive aspects to making your own cleaning products:
  • You can craft non-toxic recipes in your home
  • You probably already have the ingredients
  • You can totally customize the scent
  • You can take small steps by figuring out which recipes you actually need based off of the products you have been using and replace them.. as you go!
Without further adu; here are the links to the posts I wrote during the challenge. Did the challenge help others? I hope so; did they help my family. For sure! Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!
  1. Week 1 | Cleaning with Vinegar.
  2. Week 2 | Simple Baking Soda Recipes.
  3. Week 3 | This is a mess that calls for some serious soap.
Labels I made specifically for the challenge, feel free to save and print. If you do not have label sheets on hand, just print out the label and use packing tape to stick it on the bottle!  

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