What is Bergamont?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Bergamot is a citrus fruit and we extract the oil from the rind through the cold press process. This plants origin can be traced back to Italy and primarily grown around the Mediterranean area. A kind of lemon orange hybrid this fruit is finds it way in to many different dishes and drinks as well as a healers kit. 

Some of the most popular uses of Bergamot are:
Colic, infection, PMS, insect repellant and stress.  

It is hard for me to track down the origins of this hybrid though many believe it to come from the Italian town Bergamo. The people of Italy take their Bergamot very seriously. The Italian government introduced tight controls, including testing and certificates of purity.   

Bergamot oil can be used aromatically, orally or topically. Remember though that when applying citrus oil directly to the skin to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for 72 hours. You can apply it neat to fight infections, ring worm, and inflammation. Historically the Italians would drink it to expel intestinal worms and fight malaria. It is also useful when fighting fevers.

When it comes to Bergamot and emotions think stress relief. This is definitely a mood enhancer and uplifting sent that that will help keep your home smelling good and your family felling happy. Almost every source I come across though calls for Bergamot for stress relief. So keep this oil close for a clean, happy, and stress free home.         

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