Interview: Hypnotism and Intuitive Wellness Coaching

Sunday, April 8, 2018

My self-care Sunday post this week is an amazing interview I held with a great friend Barbara. I met Barbara through my essential oil mentor and have been fascinated with her work over the last few years. Out of curiosity for myself, and connecting my amazing readers to holistic health solutions, I asked Barbara if she would answer a few questions related to her line of work. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I have. You can find Barbara's contact information at the bottom of the post! 

Barbara, thank you for participating in this interview. Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Thank you Kayla for asking. I am a mom of 3 grown children and live in Southern CA, after many years of  living in the midwest. I love people, and I am passionate about health and wellness through natural means if at all possible, especially emotional health and wellbeing. That is why essential oils are one of my favorite tools to meet both the emotional and physiological needs of people today. My focus is using the oils to help people to live life by their own blueprint choosing whatever brings them joy. As a mom, I spent many years taking care of other’s needs before my own and I have found the oils a fantastic and powerful tool for self-care. I believe that the "one size fits all” model does not apply to most people.   

As a hypnotist how do you integrate essential oils and herbs into your practice? Do you feel that these oils/herbs help your clients reach a deeper level of calm during your sessions? 

Essential oils are great for relaxation and just the right smell can even move people into joy, so absolutely yes Kayla, they are a powerful tool to reach deeper levels of calm.

The oils can be used to anchor in a positive feeling, so in the future, all you have to do is smell the oil in order to bring up the desired feeling. The smell of the oil is the anchor. 
Also, it is very interesting how the sense of smell can bring us back in time. For example, did your mom make cookies, bake bread or cook a your very favorite meal? If so, when you smell those smells, are you transported back to your family kitchen? What feelings does this evoke?   

The sense of smell goes directly into the feeling center (limbic center) of the brain, thus bypassing our beautiful analytical mind, thereby helping to create a healthy space for change. In one of my newsletters I once said that if I could think my way through my emotions, I would be a Rhode Scholar by now. Thinking just doesn’t do the job completely.

What is intuitive wellness? 

It has been my experience that someone can heal with one specific product or protocol and then another person tries it and has no results at all. This can be very confusing and quite discouraging. I have found that when we really tune into ourselves and our bodies, we will come up with the answer that is the perfect fit for us and healing occurs as long as we are open. 

Some people don’t relate to intuitive wellness and I’m fine with that. It can also be referred to as an Integrative Wellness Consult which takes into account your whole being (your mind, body, spirit and soul) into your wellness. It is common knowledge how stress effects the body and our health, so working with the causes of stress can vastly improve our quality of life. 

Also, each person has a unique chemical makeup and so does each oil. Therefore, I may not get the same results as you Kayla with the same oil. This is an invitation for us to listen to our bodies and let that be our guide. Each one of us is our own expert and I help people get in touch with that wisdom. 
It’s fine to seek advice from a friend or expert, but you must always have the final say based on how it feels to you.   

We have spoken about attraction and calling people, experiences, and things into our lives. How do the essential oils/herbs help with this? 

The oils can help twofold. They can assist you in clearing away old stories and blocks, thus creating the space for something new. 

Also, as I mentioned earlier, you can anchor or lock in a feeling of let’s say success with a smell you love. If you get yourself into that good feeling, as if you already have what you are desiring, then you are using the law of attraction to work with you and for you. Imagining yourself as already having your desired result, and feeling all those feelings helps put us in a state of receiving and speeds up the process. Hypnosis is a big help in this also. 

Could you give myself and our readers a quick tip about balancing our energies? 

Something we could use on a daily basis to make sure we stay centered between intuitive coaching sessions? (You don't have to add this, I just know you mentioned it earlier).
Daily, I read something that inspires me. Even if it’s an email morning message that takes just one minute. If you can read 10 minutes of a book that supports your growth, that’s great as well. 

Also, when I am stressed, I close my eyes, try to get quiet and really listen as I breathe in whatever essential oil I find calming… breathing in love and breathing out stress. If you can catch the stress immediately it helps a lot, instead of waiting until it has become a really big deal.  

The common phrase “shake it off” can also be applied to balancing energies. It can be done by combining the breath with physically wiggling the body gently. 

What advice would you give to someone who has never participated in hypnotism or intuitive wellness coaching who may be considering it?

I would say be open and listen to your gut to see what is right for you. If you are not ready to work with a hypnotist, then you might want to consider learning self-hypnosis. It can bring you the same great results. I suggest getting clear on your desired results and be curious to see if whatever you are considering can meet your needs. As I mentioned before, it’s not a one size fits all answer. Whatever makes you feel good is the answer for you in that moment. 

Okay thank you so much for your time and openness with all of us. I am intrigued and would like to know more... how would I keep in touch with you or book a session?

Thank you Kayla. I can be reached at and I have just started a Facebook Page Spirited Living with Barbara

Any closing thoughts you would like to share?

Be easy with yourself while in this process. Allow things to flow, while being curious. There are many pathways that lead to the same outcome.

Find the one that is most enjoyable for you. 

Thank you Kayla for your time and curiosity. I appreciate you very much.

Barbara is an Amazon best- selling author, teacher and speaker, essential oil business owner and intuitive catalyst, having fun in this adventure called life, authoring her own story.

Her passion is inviting people to live joyfully, in good health, while authoring their own life story… no more settling for the expectations others have set forth.

Her life experiences have given her the most valuable wisdom and knowledge she shares today. She also holds a degree with honors in Managerial Psychology, is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, with focused training in Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and A Course in Relationship, as well as many other energy modalities.

She uses a creative approach to suit each individual, and often uses essential oils, Expressive Arts, EFT and so much more. 

Facebook Page: Spirited Living with Barbara

Please let Barbara and I know what you think in the comments. :)
Be well! -Kayla

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