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Thursday, August 2, 2018

You have so many great questions and I love it when you reach out and ask them. Your questions help others which is why I have created Ask ApotheKayla! 

Meagan asks:
Hey Kayla!

I have been really interested in maybe buying a bottle of Lemon oil to flavor my tea and water. You have said before that each drop of lemon oil costs $0.04 cents. Can you tell me more about how far one bottle of lemon oil will stretch? Are there any other ways I could use Lemon. I know it only costs $10 but I want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth. Can you show me the savings?


Kayla answers:
Thanks for writing Meagan.. great question!

Yes, lemon is a super affordable oil. If you are only planning to use the lemon to flavor water or tea it could last for up to 500 cups of water or tea. When you add essential oils to water the best way to do it is add one drop to the bottom of a glass or cup. When you add the water or tea to the glass the oil will coat the inside of the cup. In my experience I can still taste the essential oil when I refill my glass the second time.

There are 250 drops in each 15 ml bottle of doTERRA Essential oil. If you are using the lemon as described above the cost is actually $0.02 cents per cup and you can use it 500 times.

There are so many amazing ways to use lemon essential oil. If you are a part of my ApotheKayla Insider's group on Facebook you can watch this live video (click for video) on 30+ ways to use lemon.

Some of my favorite are:
-Adding two drops to the diffuser for an uplifting scent
-Adding 10 drops to a large spray bottle with a mixture of 50/50 water/vinegar for a purifying surface cleaner
-Adding 2-3 drops to a soft cloth and using to polish silver
-Adding to any lemon flavored desert (although I can't have sugary deserts right now lemon bars and cakes were my favorite before).

There are so many ways to use lemon oil and if you replace fresh lemons with lemon oil the savings is immense. Typically one lemon costs between $0.40 - $0.60 and can be replaced with one drop of lemon oil at $0.04 cents. doTERRA's essential oils will not go bad either which is a savings in itself.

I hope this answered your question. If you need assistance placing your order i'm here for you. Because you are all about the savings like I am, if you want to know about earning free oils let me know!


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