Top 3 Uses for Black Pepper

Thursday, May 10, 2018

When I tell people that black pepper is an oil I get excited about they are usually like, WHAT?? There are so many great uses and our favorite is of course cooking. Lately Robert has been making some of the best meals using essential oils for flavoring. Check them out here: Recipes with Rob. Read on below for our top three favorite uses for black pepper! 

Use number one: flavoring. You must remember that all oils are not created equal. Some may only be suitable for aromatic and not internal use so make sure you are using only pure and safe oils for your food. A bottle of oils will flavor a lot more meals then a shaker would and add a richer flavor too. One to four drops is all it takes to season a family sized meal. Flavored popcorn, salad dressing, sauces and more can all benefit from a drop of pepper oil.

Use number two: digestion. It is fitting that pepper tastes so good as it helps with all things digestion. From heart burn to diarrhea; pepper will help to ease what troubles you. You can take it internally or mix it into any all-purpose stomach blend and apply it right to the troubled area.

Use number three: emotional honesty. It may seem odd to diffuse black pepper but it is one of my favorite oils to put in our diffuser. Don’t worry the oil will not make you sneeze. Known as the oil of unmasking black pepper will help you find your inner-you that has been hidden deep down under the mask we put on to face the world. So the next time you meditate on your true intentions put a little pepper in the air.      

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Be well! -Kayla

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