Top 3 uses of White Fir

Thursday, May 3, 2018

White fir is a very versatile essential oil. Take a look at our top 3 favorite uses.

Use number one: muscle pain.  From working hard to playing rough we all find ourselves with aching muscles and a need for white fir oil. Apply it neat to the sore spots or add it to a blend/cream to spread the relief around. With its soothing effects and pleasant aroma it is a must have for the active person who has no time for muscle pain.

Use number two: coughs and colds. When fighting a fever or a cold a few props of white fir in your diffuser will help you to breath better. Apply it neat to the skin to open up airways Put it in any blend or cream to help ward off the crud next flu season.

Use number three: emotional healing. The smell of white fir reminds me of the smell of Christmas trees. For most of us that brings us back to a place of magic, wonder, love, and giving. Whenever you need a little emotional healing or it is time to have that important talk with a loved one put a little white fir in your diffuser to heal a hurting heart.

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Be well! -Kayla

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