Top 3 uses of Thyme

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thyme is an amazingly versatile oil. Read about our top 3 uses below!

Use number one: flavoring. There are loads of recipes that call for a touch of thyme. With the oils being so potent it will only take a few drops to give your entire meal that Mediterranean feel. Plus all the health benefits that come from this versatile plant make it a perfect addition to any meal. 

Use number two: fighting infection. From fungal infection to bacterial infections thyme will help fight the invaders. Whether in a blend or by itself Thyme's infection-fighting ability makes it a must-have in any healers toolkit. From athletes foot to dandruff Thyme has you protected from head to toe.

Use number three: forgiveness. For some of us, forgiveness does not come easy. For those times you know you need to let go but need to find the strength to do it - turn to thyme. Whether you were wronged by a loved one or need to forgive yourself add a few drops of thyme oil to your diffuser to help open your heart to forgiveness. 

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Be well! -Kayla

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