Top 3 Uses of Helichrysum

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Are you a fan of a good curry dish? Did you know that you can cook with helichrysum to add the flavor of curry? Helicrysum is also useful for skin imperfections and healing emotional wounds as well.

Use number one: Flavoring I am sure you are starting to notice the pattern here. Also known as the curry plant Helichrysum is not part of the spice combination that makes up that most famous blend but the plant itself has a similar flavor. It is a potent oil that can flavor on its own or mix well in a blend and would be an excellent addition to a chicken and rice dish. 

Use number two: skin care. Liquid stitches is another popular name for this versatile oil. Useful for scars or supporting the healing process of new wounds. Can be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. This oil is the essential oil for the anyone who has skin. Mix it with your sun screen to be proactive or in your burn relief blend for the days you forget to come prepared. 

Use number three: emotional healing. Just as it will heal the scars of your skin it will heal the scars of your soul. So if you are feeling wounded and the scars are more than skin deep take some time to heal with Helichrysum and you will be felling restored before you know it.        

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Be well! -Kayla

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