Week of June 11th

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hello wellness friends!

This week was full of abundant moments. I wanted to take a moment a share a few of those with you.

We have enjoyed using essential oils in our meals. So much so that Robert decided to create blends for different types of meals. We now know that each meal will taste consistently and will be flavored to perfection. Check out the latest recipes with rob video here on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to see the latest Recipes with Rob videos as soon as they are released.

I have been intentionally spending less time scrolling through social media when I have moments to myself. I am using these moments to write out affirmations, listen to audio books that feed my mind positivity, and to observe the world around me. While I am so thankful to my connection to the world through social media I also realize how important it is to connect with the world that I physically exist in. During one of these moments I was practicing breathing exercises where I would breathe in love and breathe out love. I looked down and saw this amazing feather two feet away.

This week I also celebrated one hundred and fifteen pounds lost. My weight loss journey can be really slow at times. Even when I am remaining consistent in my diet regimen. With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome it is extremely hard to loose weight. However, I choose to keep going even on weeks where my weight stays the same. It can be very discouraging but I know it is worth it. On wellness Wednesday I shared the essential oils that have helped me stay so constant on my journey.

My essential oil business is thriving. In order to simplify the process for our new tribe members Robert and I decided to create a success binder for each person. We have taken all of the important information you would need as you begin your own essential oil business and put it in one handy place. This is the amazing quote on the back of my binder.

On Friday night I went live on both Facebook and Instagram with an emotions and essential oils class. I had several of you attend and it was a blast!

Robert and I planned a date night on Saturday. One of our stops was to an amazing local used book store. I love the dollar aisle. I am always amazed at the treasures I find there.

Today Robert and I have planned to do nothing. Yes I am writing this blog post but this is a way for me to connect with you and it is a creative outlet of mine. The cats are lounging and reminding me to take it easy today. Every single day of my calendar is planned out a few weeks in advance. I love it but also realize the need to schedule in days of rest.

Tell me about your week in the comments. What did you do to work towards your goals or that inspired you? Let's connect!

Thank you for reading and have a great week! :)
Be well! -Kayla

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